Who we are

We are a team of qualified professionals stressing co-operative work, constant professional growth and development. Having different backgrounds and experience, we share a passion for research and analytics, as well as aspiration to expand frontiers of our knowledge and skills.

I appreciate my job for many reasons: possibility to learn and grow with every project, since they are never the same; challenging tasks that expand my work experience and facilitates new skills development; much room for creativity; support for initiatives and friendly working atmosphere. All of the above creates perfect environment for building good theoretical as well as practical knowledge, while achieving ambitious career goals. Ganna, analyst

I love my job because I face advanced approaches in the field of corporate governance, compensation, and financial analysis every day. Having high quality standards on the one hand, we look for “fresh” solutions on the other hand – this gives room for professional development. Ludmila, senior consultant

Each project is like a detective story, where you have to find a right solution and consider each tiny hint, relying on your professional experience and intuition. The more responsibility you take, the more you challenge your abilities, working in a team towards a common vision. Kateryna, consultant

I always wanted to see myself working in a complex, challenging environment with great professionals, devoting all my skills and knowledge to effective performance and encouraging myself to professional and personal growth. The position of research analyst at Finopis seems ideal for me. Moreover, I strongly believe that a key to job happiness is to find something that you are passionate about, and I am truly passionate about my work. Elvira, analyst

Finopis attracts me because people here are like “Universal Soldiers”. Apart from the fact, that each specializes in particular area, everyone understands and can do all kinds of job that the company faces. Of course the emphasis is on research, but do not even think that research is tedious. No. Conversely, it is multitasking and challenging. Natalia, analyst