What we do

To facilitate clients’ decision-making processes, we provide extensive financial analysis, advanced numerical and qualitative economic research, trend assessment and forecasting.

Remuneration: We support development of remuneration systems for members of the board of directors and executive board by running benchmarking for compensation level, structure and design. We trace relevant best practices and international regulatory requirements to better address the compensation governance matters. We specialize in calibrating short- and long-term variable compensation plans, assessment of payout-risk profiles and fair value estimation of variable awards.

Financial leadership: To support day-to-day and long-run management decision-making, we conduct comprehensive company performance analysis, competitive benchmarking and corporate valuation.

Our approach

Our solutions are driven by our client’s unique strategy. By making an extensive use of data, quantitative methods, explanatory and predictive models, our analytics allows to get big-picture insights, and thus, to facilitate informed and optimal decision-making, managing uncertainty and improving outcomes.